Prayer and Holiness…

…is there a connection?

Will God hear and respond to my prayers if I have a sin in my life? Does God desire something more than my well scripted prayers?

Could it be that He requires me to live a holy life? What is holiness…I want to be more holy but I’m not sure what that even is!

I will dare to make an attempt to answer my own question.

The simple definition of holiness – living a life that reflects my belief that God is Holy. Which means I live as if I believe the Bible is true and that there are rewards and consequences of following or not following it’s truths.

I believe I must “experience” God in everyday living. As I do this I repent of sin immediately! In doing so I am acknowledging that God is Holy and therefore He requires that I live a life that reflects that.

My communication with God will be far beyond a scripted prayer…it will be a discussion with a good friend!



Prayer as we know it…

How do we really talk to God? Coming from good Christian homes we’ve been taught the lingo, the right phrases that will “trigger” the best response from God. We have the right thoughts when we pray. The right pictures in our head.

Desperately we attempt to reach Him, trying every trick in the book, trying to put together the perfect formula. We try someone else’s experiences, we make up a few of our own, repent of any sin that we may or may not have committed, anything to get a response from this Superior Being that we call God. This God who we have heard wants to be our dearest friend. The One with whom we are to share all our heartbreaks and joys. Yet ironically we don’t know how to “talk” to Him, yes we talk to Him but so far it’s been just that, a one sided conversation. Us pouring out our hearts to Him and getting warm fuzzy’s at times, unless that too is a fabrication of our minds, after all we have been taught that He will respond to our prayers and we’ve interpreted that response as warm fuzzy’s. Yes, God does speak to men of faith, those mighty warriors, missionaries, those working in the slums of our cities, and of course our pastors, ministers of the gospel, but to the common one, like me, it seems to be up to chance.

Why would God create man and make it so difficult to communicate with Him? If He created us to fellowship with Him why is it so hard to reach Him? In order to know a person, to learn to love a person, to receive instruction for a specific way of life shouldn’t God want to speak to us directly? Since God IS God and our creator after all, is it possible that He wants to speak to us directly and has a channel for it? Could we be missing something? Has our culture taught us and conditioned us not to hear Him? Is it possible that God has tolerated and overlooked our simple-minded words of prayer?
Is prayer as we know it, the way that God wishes to communicate with us or is He wishing that we would just shut up with the “prayer mode” and start walking with Him in the cool of the day, talking in our “good friend” mode?