Prayer and Holiness…

…is there a connection?

Will God hear and respond to my prayers if I have a sin in my life? Does God desire something more than my well scripted prayers?

Could it be that He requires me to live a holy life? What is holiness…I want to be more holy but I’m not sure what that even is!

I will dare to make an attempt to answer my own question.

The simple definition of holiness – living a life that reflects my belief that God is Holy. Which means I live as if I believe the Bible is true and that there are rewards and consequences of following or not following it’s truths.

I believe I must “experience” God in everyday living. As I do this I repent of sin immediately! In doing so I am acknowledging that God is Holy and therefore He requires that I live a life that reflects that.

My communication with God will be far beyond a scripted prayer…it will be a discussion with a good friend!